Halloween Sticker Pals Overview

A couple of weeks ago I completed the Halloween Sticker Pals and and received the physical stickers. In addition the stickers as just added fun bonus I did a couple animations based on the project.


I’m extremely happy with how they turned out! The feedback for this project was well received and I’m so thankful for the support! As of writing this post it’s actually the night before Halloween so this theme may have ran its course.

You can still purchase the stickers on my Etsy shop and they come in a pack of 3!

Hope you enjoyed this! Stay closer to my work and updates on instagram at @jonlightle

Happy Halloween!

Halloween sticker pals

Got a head start on Halloween the last week of September on a set of Halloween stickers. In the set I developed 9 illustrations to fit inside color scheme background of black, orange, and green. Originally I had planned only 6 stickers, but I had so much fun making this I made 5 more but only used 3. The remaining two I turned into animations I will share soon.


Wrapping up September in Spacebar

I know it’s a week or so overdue but I wanted to mention anyway that my illustration work in Spacebar has wrapped for September. If you haven’t been able to catch it, the prints are available in my Etsy shop and there are still a handful of prints left.

Adding to this, I’ve decided to close the site shop and dedicate myself to just my Etsy store. The main reason being it causes less confusion for others and myself. It’s much easier to track, navigate and receive feedback from you by going there.

So, many more things to come! It’s been a while since I’ve sent out a newsletter with something special you can print or create. I’ve neglected that a bit, I’m sorry, some things were a bit of struggle this year, despite being one of my most amazing years since I’ve been an illustrator.

Trying to keep it short tonight. Thanks for reading as always.

September at Spacebar!

This month of September my illustration work is being featured at Spacebar in downtown Sylvania, Ohio. As part of this month, I created three new illustrated prints focusing on simplicity and mindfulness. These prints are framed and unframed and available to view and purchase at Spacebar this month and will continue to sell on my site shop and Etsy.


So many thanks to Gabe, the owner of Spacebar for taking over this month! What’s awesome about his place is that he invites technology and people together. It’s definitely not a boring computer shop and a lot more chill than internet cafe.


Leave a day for mistakes.

It's crazy when I see all this buzz about grind, hustle and go. I love a good fire up, but it feels sometimes that's a perfect cause for us too feel bad when he had all the go inside us, we worked or thought we had and fall short of our expectation.

This year I'm setting up a weekly fail day.

Not based on the idea of "Oh well" or just being too forgiving.

But a day where I really try to get that sketch, idea, project or whatever in momentum and if I fall short then I can accept just for one day at least to forgive myself. Just to remember being imperfect and rest in that position.


The agile creative workspace

I have a space dedicated to creative work and solitude you could say.

Having a space for that life to flow feels comforting but more and more I'm finding my space tends to move with me and I'm getting adjusted to this way of work.

My space was never big to begin so there isn't much wasted in that area. There is a small collection of books I reference time to time and some tools that I use that support basic needs of projects.

We tend to think that our studio is rock solid and that only our minds can work in that certain area and it's true having that supports creativity. However, I don't think it's all lost when we carry our laptop to in the kitchen or going to a local coffee shop.

I would argue, that training our brain and tuning into outside experiences can serve our work well and that being an agile creative can extend our creative muscle just as much as home base. 

Chill Time

I made this small series of illustrations focusing on relaxation and renewing energy. The first two actually look like me and not so much the guy on the bottom. Although I can't grow a beard, I enjoy drawing them. Maybe, perhaps I love drawing them is because I secretly wish to grow one.

:( Oh well.

After lunch and a little work on chores I take a 10-20 minute nap with my dog Jack. Sometimes, if there is a book I'm heavy into or trying to finish I will opt lying down and reading instead. I find that naps help me out a lot, especially during times where my mind is bouncing off too many things and need to find clarity.

The rock pose is my favorite yoga pose. For me, this is the most relaxing and feels great on relieving my lower back. It's also just cool to pretend you're a rock lying still on the ground. Also my kids enjoy this one as you can combine this pose with another person so it's called lizard on the rock. That's where one person lies down like a rock and the other lays flat on top softly pressing the other down.

This is the type of relaxation I wish I could do more often. Lay down of the floor, put on some comfy headphones and let the sound take me away. I've been wanting to do this in particular with the Star Wars soundtrack, some soft folk indie band or some spacey light EDM tunes.

Film Fest Collab/New Cards in Store and Etsy

Valentine's Day/Basketball Birthday Cards

New greeting cards available on the store site or can download them on my Etsy shop.


Fifth Annual Tree City Film Festival T-Shirt & Poster Designs

My brother Josh co-directs the Tree City Film Festival every year in Sylvania, Ohio. I was asked by him this year to help provide an illustrative design that was inspired by nature as the festival was taking place at Olander Park. The project was amazing to work on and was well received. I'm thankful for the opportunity and hope to work on more in the future.