The agile creative workspace

I have a space dedicated to creative work and solitude you could say.

Having a space for that life to flow feels comforting but more and more I'm finding my space tends to move with me and I'm getting adjusted to this way of work.

My space was never big to begin so there isn't much wasted in that area. There is a small collection of books I reference time to time and some tools that I use that support basic needs of projects.

We tend to think that our studio is rock solid and that only our minds can work in that certain area and it's true having that supports creativity. However, I don't think it's all lost when we carry our laptop to in the kitchen or going to a local coffee shop.

I would argue, that training our brain and tuning into outside experiences can serve our work well and that being an agile creative can extend our creative muscle just as much as home base.