Chill Time

I made this small series of illustrations focusing on relaxation and renewing energy. The first two actually look like me and not so much the guy on the bottom. Although I can't grow a beard, I enjoy drawing them. Maybe, perhaps I love drawing them is because I secretly wish to grow one.

:( Oh well.

After lunch and a little work on chores I take a 10-20 minute nap with my dog Jack. Sometimes, if there is a book I'm heavy into or trying to finish I will opt lying down and reading instead. I find that naps help me out a lot, especially during times where my mind is bouncing off too many things and need to find clarity.

The rock pose is my favorite yoga pose. For me, this is the most relaxing and feels great on relieving my lower back. It's also just cool to pretend you're a rock lying still on the ground. Also my kids enjoy this one as you can combine this pose with another person so it's called lizard on the rock. That's where one person lies down like a rock and the other lays flat on top softly pressing the other down.

This is the type of relaxation I wish I could do more often. Lay down of the floor, put on some comfy headphones and let the sound take me away. I've been wanting to do this in particular with the Star Wars soundtrack, some soft folk indie band or some spacey light EDM tunes.