Wrapping up September in Spacebar

I know it’s a week or so overdue but I wanted to mention anyway that my illustration work in Spacebar has wrapped for September. If you haven’t been able to catch it, the prints are available in my Etsy shop and there are still a handful of prints left.

Adding to this, I’ve decided to close the site shop and dedicate myself to just my Etsy store. The main reason being it causes less confusion for others and myself. It’s much easier to track, navigate and receive feedback from you by going there.

So, many more things to come! It’s been a while since I’ve sent out a newsletter with something special you can print or create. I’ve neglected that a bit, I’m sorry, some things were a bit of struggle this year, despite being one of my most amazing years since I’ve been an illustrator.

Trying to keep it short tonight. Thanks for reading as always.